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Article on James Mejia is published!

It’s in the March 2010 issue of the Arizona State University Alumni Magazine.

Renewing my commitment

Renewed my membership in the Northern Colorado Writers association today. Renewed my commitment to writing more freelance articles throughout 2010!

Getting ready to interview my next subject

I’m interviewing Becky Huff Lankenau tomorrow night for her profile to be published in the ASU Magazine’s May 2010 Alumni Showcase. She is Director of the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)’s World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Physical Activity and Health in Atlanta, has beau coup degrees, published numerous papers, and speaks at conferences worldwide. Looking forward to talking with her!

This will be my third article with the Arizona State University Alumni Magazine. After I get those clips, I’ll try querying other magazines. It’s hard to get published without clips, but once you have clips, you can prove to other editors that your writing is worthy of inclusion in their publications, too!

I’m mainly interested in writing profile pieces. I’m not interested in hard-hitting journalism; I go for the fluffy, fun articles about people. People are interesting!

Kristy Free Lantz Astry

My husband Marty likes to call me Kristy Free Lantz Astry, in deference to my reignited freelance writing career. Read my articles on my website:, Samples.

He also likes to point out ambulances and say “There’s your cousin – Ambu-Lantz!”