Buh bye 2015

Recently I shared a FB meme that said (paraphrasing) I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of the year. Understatement. I’m now divorced after 25 years of marriage and in a relationship with a wonderful man, a cowboy named Ted. Not to disparage my ex, but Ted is the most compassionate, honest, genuine man I’ve ever known and have the privilege to call my boyfriend.

We met on Match.com, which I joined shortly after my legal separation was on the books in October. I wanted to start dating again, but my main reason for joining was to convince myself that I was still attractive. Dating is scary. I haven’t dated since I was in my 20s. I don’t know the rules. I met some ok guys but didn’t have sparks. This time around, I vowed I wouldn’t settle for someone I didn’t really like so much. And I didn’t.

I took a chance when I met Ted and it’s paid off in innumerable ways. We met October 27th and have been in an exclusive relationship since November 7th. Yes, it was fast, according to some. But my marriage ended emotionally for me Christmas 2014, so I had moved on and was ready in my heart. He lost his wife in October 2014 and was ready for a relationship with someone who shared the same interests. He’s reacquainted me with the me that I haven’t seen in years – being with horses, being around horse people, riding again, and learning a new sport (ranch sorting, in which Ted competes). Ted lives a simpler life than I, but I embrace it. I embrace our differences and our similarities. In a word, he makes me feel safe. Add in all the fun we’ve had and I see a bright future.

Who knows what awaits me in 2016. What awaits you in the new year?

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