Crazy good birding in Teller Farms

Whatta day birding in Teller Farms! Star and I started out from the Teller Farms North trailhead and went south and east in search of the elusive Dickcissel (new for me). Ran into a birder who told me where to look for the Dickcissel and the reported Bobolinks. Sure enough, saw two and heard two Dickcissels! Saw two Bobolinks, which was only the second time I’d seen them. The first time was two years ago in South Dakota. While Star ran loose (legally) and had a great time playing with other dogs on the trail, here’s what else I saw:

Blue Grosbeak (new for me; thought it was an Indigo Bunting)

Brewers Blackbird

Barn Swallow

Red-winged Blackbird

European Starling

Western Meadowlark

Eastern Kingbird fighting with a Western Kingbird

Western Kingbird

Red-tailed Hawk

American Robin

A Sparrow I couldn’t ID. Maaaaybe a Savannah Sparrow??

Wish I’d had my camera. Would have gotten some great pics of the Bobolinks.


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