What I’m grateful for

I feel as though my life has been on a roller coaster for the last three weeks. Big downs, big ups, little downs, little ups. First big down: Hearing that our dear friend Laura had a brain aneurysm, and remains in a coma after successful brain surgery to clamp it off. Followed by a big up almost two weeks later: Seeing Laura open her eyes and looking at Marty and me, and squeezing our hands in response.

Second big down: Getting rear-ended by a kid in a Passat on a downtown Denver street. Having to deal with all the crap afterwards, which is doubly painful because I didn’t cause this accident, yet I’m devoting my time and energy to heal my body and my car. It should be resolved by next week (I hope).

A little down: Falling on a sidewalk last night after tripping over my own feet (although Marty started it by accidentally stepping on my foot). Having that what-the-hell-just-happened feeling, like how I felt after my car getting hit. Feeling sore, scraped, battered, and bruised.

A little up: Feeling grateful for my family and friends. Maybe that should be another big up.


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