A strange sight

Last week, I was driving north on I-25, almost to my exit, when I noticed that the southbound lanes were completely jammed up, with seemingly no cars getting through. This can’t be good, I thought. Must be a big wreck or something. I slowed down.

I saw what I thought was a deer trotting down I-25 next to the median, with all those cars creeping along behind it. When I got closer, I realized that it was a billy goat. I was glad to see that all the southbounders were being very cautious; pretty unusual for drivers on I-25, because the speed limit is 75. I drove a bit further and spotted a cowboy walking next to the median, following the goat, with a determined look on his face and rope coiled in his hands.

I didn’t read anything about it in the paper or on the Internet. I hope the cowboy successfully lassoed the goat and returned it to its rightful place. Wherever that was.


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