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A strange sight

Last week, I was driving north on I-25, almost to my exit, when I noticed that the southbound lanes were completely jammed up, with seemingly no cars getting through. This can’t be good, I thought. Must be a big wreck or something. I slowed down.

I saw what I thought was a deer trotting down I-25 next to the median, with all those cars creeping along behind it. When I got closer, I realized that it was a billy goat. I was glad to see that all the southbounders were being very cautious; pretty unusual for drivers on I-25, because the speed limit is 75. I drove a bit further and spotted a cowboy walking next to the median, following the goat, with a determined look on his face and rope coiled in his hands.

I didn’t read anything about it in the paper or on the Internet. I hope the cowboy successfully lassoed the goat and returned it to its rightful place. Wherever that was.

Hiking and birding

Hiked the Meadowlark Trail in Deer Creek Canyon on Friday, and saw some great birds:

Female Bullock’s oriole
Lots of spotted towhees
Canyon wren
Sparrows (so hard for me to differentiate!)
Northern flicker
Others that were just too darned fast for me to id.

Then this morning, Marty and I took the dogs on a tough hike in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Serious inclines on the Beaver Trail. Felt like I was climbing a 14er! Only a few birds:

Brown creeper, my first in the U.S.! Saw one two years ago in Costa Rica. The brown creeper is North America’s only creeper.
Dark-eyed junco (gray-headed)
Steller’s jay
Sparrows again in the leaf litter (and no, they’re not house sparrows). Maybe if I get the Sibley’s Guide to Birds for my birthday, it’ll be easier to identify them…

Any day birding and hiking with my honey and our dogs is a great day!