It’s been awhile…bird list from Florida

Here’s what I saw on my trip to the Florida Everglades and surrounding environs (7/5/10 – 7/12/10):

Boat-tailed grackle
Great-tailed grackle
Northern cardinal
Red-shouldered hawk
Broad-winged hawk
Black vulture
Turkey vulture
American crow
Northern mockingbird
Snowy egret
Great egret
Cattle egret
Little blue heron (immature)
Roseate spoonbill
Tri-colored heron
Great blue heron
Green heron
Double-crested cormorant
Brown pelican
American white pelican
Swallow-tailed kite
White ibis
Glossy ibis
Least tern
Red-bellied woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker (I heard but didn’t see)
Eastern bluebird
Eastern meadowlark
Muscovy duck
Red-winged blackbird
Common nighthawk
Mottled duck
Common ground dove
Eurasian collared dove
Mourning dove
Rusty blackbird
White-crowned pigeon
Brown-headed cowbird
Laughing gull
Mangrove cuckoo
Carolina wren
Black-necked stilt
Purple martin
Gray kingbird

Fantastic trip!


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