Star’s surgery

If you don’t keep up with me on FB, you may not know about Star’s surgery. He was diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia about a month ago. We consulted an orthopedic specialist about arthroscopic surgery. That’s the only way to get an accurate picture of the damage – by scoping and, while in there, doing what they can to mitigate the damage. We were expecting the worst. You can imagine our relief by the reality, which was revealed in yesterday’s arthro surgery. In his right elbow, he has an abnormal coronoid in situ – it’s not fragmented, nor can it really be cleaned up. It may or may not be trouble later. His cartilage was beautifully white (I got to watch the scoping from the doorway to surgery as the video feed was displayed on a monitor). Not ten minutes later I was called back in to see the left elbow. There it was, the fragmented coronoid (about 1mm in size). The surgeon cleaned it out, patched him up, and he was in recovery within the hour. I sat with him for about an hour. Took him home. Marty helped him out of the crate. So relieved. Yes, the healing process will be slow, and it’ll be hard to keep him quiet, but he’s young and should heal nicely. Loves our boy!


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  1. Natalie on

    We love your boy and love you too!!!!!

    So glad he is doing so well!!! It is all a reflection of your love!

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