So excited for Dee!

My bestest friend Dee has landed the most awesome full-time gig in the Florida Everglades. She’ll work at the Ivey House B&B as a nature guide and concierge, starting April 15th. Check the place out:

It’s affiliated with the North American Canoe Tours Inc and Everglades Rentals & Eco Adventures:

I am so happy for her. She’ll be doing exactly what she wants to do in the place where she wants to do it (she’s always said that she wanted to end up in Florida). It’s a full-time, year-round job with incredible potential for adventure and opportunities. The Ivey House is so lucky to have her. She’ll show them what-all she can do. They will be amazed.

I will miss her. She leaves in about two weeks, but it’s so worth it for her. Trying to convince Marty that we need to go–perhaps October? We’ll see!!


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