I am such a dork

There’s a fabulous great blue heron heronry in a giant cottonwood tree near my workplace. I’d noticed that several herons are back. Yesterday I took my binos with me to work so that I could walk over at lunch and take a peek. I’d forgotten about the giant snowstorm that hit Tues; the walking trails were still snow covered. Duh, me in my tennies and jeans. I walked the long way around. Just before I got to the prime viewing spot, I stepped in slushy snow up to my ankles. Not good. Guess I can’t walk on water after all (jk). I was already in it, so I soldiered on. Squish, squish. Saw the herons; three males already in breeding plumage hanging out at the nests, waiting for the females to arrive to begin rebuilding. And I spied a great horned owl way up in the tree. My friend Dee calls me the owl whisperer because I always seem to spot them before others do. I agree; I believe that somehow I summon them. Squish, squish, all the way back to work. Packed up my laptop and work and went home to change shoes, socks, and jeans. Bad news is, I have a small blister on one heel from walking so far with wet feet. Oh well. Worth it to see the birds! I’ll take pics later, when the young are fledging.


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