Star likes blueberries…and more!

Star has decided that blueberries aren’t poison. It’s taken him awhile to go from dropping them as soon as he takes them in his mouth to actually eating them. Lacey, of course, loves blueberries.

Funny how much he’s learned from Lacey since he joined our family two months ago. Now he likes to lick dirty dishes in the dishwasher. The other day, he delicately removed a piece of cheese from Marty’s dinner plate on a tv tray, watching Marty the whole time. Said cheese was removed from his mouth by Marty. He knows that sitting next to us at the dinner table might, just might, result in tidbits from the table. We’ve created a monster 😉


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  1. Natalie on

    I can just see him in my mind’s eye taking the cheese!! Marty is mean. 😦 oh….and he had the dishwasher trick down pat already when here!!!!!

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