Realta’s Starry Starry Night HIC

Yep, he passed his CDHA herding test at TerraNorte Ranch in Wellington, CO. So great to see him turn on to the goats. I was nervous when we entered the pen, because the tester hooked a long line on Star. I told the tester that Star would likely freak out because he’s so sensitive to trailing leads. The tester said he needed to do it, because if Star did something naughty (like try to eat a goat), then the tester needed to be able to catch him. It wasn’t too long before it was apparent that Star wasn’t going to eat a goat (unlike a Berner who had hold of a goat during his test!), so the tester removed the long line. That’s when Star got down to business. On his assessment, the tester wrote, “Nice dog. Keep working with him!” And of course, getting applause as we left the pen was quite the ego boost.

Looking into taking classes in tending. In this herding activity, the dog becomes a living fence; he drives the stock in a line and doesn’t let them move beyond this invisible boundary or that. A lot less stressful on his elbows, and it uses his intelligence in a whole new way. “Regular” herding, where the dog keeps the stock in a “bubble”,  might be too hard on his joints. I have a lot to learn about tending, but I’m excited!


2 comments so far

  1. Dana on

    That is too cool.

  2. Natalie on

    I am excited for both of you!!!!!

    Good Luck!!!

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