You can’t stop the crazies

A man opened fire at a middle school yesterday in Jefferson County, Colo (a few miles from Columbine), wounding two students before being tackled by a very brave teacher. The shooter’s father lamented that his son was mentally ill, but didn’t have insurance and couldn’t get help. BS! Even if the man had had insurance, would he have gotten help? Would that have stopped him from randomly shooting kids? I doubt it. I can hear the outcry now from the people who want so badly to take away our 2nd Amendment rights:  “If no one had guns, this wouldn’t happen.” WRONG. Why respond with so-called “tougher gun laws”? Would any more laws have stopped him from getting a gun? No – he stole it from his law-abiding father.

Here’s how you fight back: Arm the teachers. A single shot as the gunman reloaded his single-shot 30.06 could have taken him out cleanly. And wouldn’t the knowledge that teachers may be packing deter the crazies from targeting schools? They’re looking for unarmed, defenseless people; witness all the shootings at schools and churches.

No one can stop the crazy people out there by taking away our guns. But we can protect ourselves and our kids, and we must.


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