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You can’t stop the crazies

A man opened fire at a middle school yesterday in Jefferson County, Colo (a few miles from Columbine), wounding two students before being tackled by a very brave teacher. The shooter’s father lamented that his son was mentally ill, but didn’t have insurance and couldn’t get help. BS! Even if the man had had insurance, would he have gotten help? Would that have stopped him from randomly shooting kids? I doubt it. I can hear the outcry now from the people who want so badly to take away our 2nd Amendment rights:  “If no one had guns, this wouldn’t happen.” WRONG. Why respond with so-called “tougher gun laws”? Would any more laws have stopped him from getting a gun? No – he stole it from his law-abiding father.

Here’s how you fight back: Arm the teachers. A single shot as the gunman reloaded his single-shot 30.06 could have taken him out cleanly. And wouldn’t the knowledge that teachers may be packing deter the crazies from targeting schools? They’re looking for unarmed, defenseless people; witness all the shootings at schools and churches.

No one can stop the crazy people out there by taking away our guns. But we can protect ourselves and our kids, and we must.


Juvenile sharp-shinned hawk at my feeders

Gorgeous sharpie, trying to snatch a sparrow in the early morning snow at my feeders. Caught it through the window getting ready to take off. See how his undertail coverts (white feathers flanking his tail) are curled up (on the right)? Normally, they lay flat (on the left). To see a larger image, click each photo.

I’ve never seen this before – neither had my dear friend, who’s been a birder for eons. Cool!

PAL is incorrecto!

Got the AKC paperwork for Star’s PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing) today. I was so happy until I saw the Breed on his certificate: Belgian MALINOIS. Everything else was correct.Um…what part of Belgian Sheepdog that I clearly indicated on his PAL application did AKC not understand?!?

Hoping to get this straightened out quickly…sigh.

The Who at the Super Bowl: Why?

When will yesterday’s rock stars realize that they need to retire gracefully? The horrific spectacle that was the Who at the XLIV Super Bowl should never have happened; they can’t hit the high notes any more (I thought Roger Daltrey was going to stroke out), their “signature moves” were old and tired, and why did the cameras keep focusing on the drummer? Pete Townshend’s white belly…Roger Daltrey’s grimacing face…yuck.

I’m all for free enterprise. I’m sure the payout for the band was large. Even the demographic for the band was appropriate. But please, next time, why not feature an all-star lineup, like you see at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies? Then, it’s not so painfully obvious that some rockers are past their prime!

Those pearly whites

This past weekend, we brushed Star’s teeth for the first time. Marty brushed them while Star was on the grooming table, being brushed by me. Hooray! Chopped the nails on one more foot, too. This week: chopping the last (virgin) toenails, then the cycle begins again. He didn’t tremble so much on the table this time. Baby steps!

The universe at work

I saw, firsthand, the power of the universe at work today for my bestest friend. I won’t go into details, but suffice to say I see fantastic opportunities on the horizon. The heavy lifting is still to be done, but this is a tremendous start. Thank you, universe!

Renewing my commitment

Renewed my membership in the Northern Colorado Writers association today. Renewed my commitment to writing more freelance articles throughout 2010!

Feeling much better!

Took Star to the chiropractor today. He had his neck and left leg adjusted: shoulder, knee, and ankle. His shoulder was out of whack, probably due to rough play – he goes full out when he’s chasing his ball or Frisbee, and I’ve seen him tumble. Saw an immediate improvement: no more toeing in, and showing a much more balanced gait. Now he and Lacey are quietly and happily chewing braided bully sticks.

So much playing, so little time

Now Lacey’s allowing Star to engage her in play. I think it’s self defense. He catches her on the deck and chews her neck as she makes her way to the yard. She plays, then does her business. What a Good Girl!

“I’ve never seen a black collie before”

A comment I got at the dog park last Saturday. So I responded, “You still haven’t. He’s a Belgian Sheepdog.”