The dog park, Star, and Bella

Saw a side of Star that I wasn’t crazy about yesterday. Met a friend and her Lab-Visla mix, Bella, at a local dog park. Had both the Chuck-it and the Soft Bite fris. Star didn’t want to play with the Fris – he was all about the Chuck-it. Fine. I tossed the ball while Dana and Bella played with the Fris. Star got jealous – that’s my fris, not yours! – and even charged her a bit. That’s it. Done with toys. Put away both the Fris and the Chuck-it. If you can’t play nice, Star, we’re not going to play.

Worked on some obedience. I’m still having trouble with the sphinx down (folding back and down from a stand). Recommendations, anyone?


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  1. Natalie on

    Yes, told you he can be possessive over the ball. His previous owners had to put the ball away when other dogs were around. He is ball crazy!

    for sphinx down….try putting food slowly between his front legs so he has to fold.

  2. realtabsd on

    Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing – putting the food between his front paws near his chest, so his head comes down. Biggest thing is to get him not to back up. We’ll keep working on it!

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