C’mon, let’s PLAY!

We’ve witnessed a weekend of serious play between Lacey and Star. On her terms, of course. Her favorite thing to do is to dive on her back and fight him off w/her feet. Took him a bit to figure out how to “attack” – then decided that chewing on her neck was the thing to do. She kicks him off, gets up, and puts her paws on his back by his neck. He’s taller by a good four inches and outweighs by a good 20 pounds, so he uses his bulk to his advantage. She uses her quickness and agility to evade him. Then she literally throws herself on her back and the cycle starts anew. Beautiful!


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  1. Natalie on

    That is soooo awesome for both of them. I am glad she is feeling better and has accepted him. 🙂

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