One more paw’s toenails chopped

This is a slow process, people. We got Star up on the grooming table and Marty chopped the nails on a front paw while I told him what a Brave Boy he was and fed him Carvers. If you haven’t yet tried this treat, you should. Soft, flattened chicken patties that you can buy at King Sooper’s (Kroger chain).

He shook the whole time he was on the table. He wanted down, but we made him wait until WE said it was time to dismount. Even then, Marty helped him. Don’t need to stress joints jumping onto concrete!!!


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  1. Natalie on

    Hmmm, he never shook at all while here. Good you made him wait. Did he eat the treats? If so, he was not so nervous as to turn down the treats. This is good. He trusts you….more and more as time goes on.

  2. realtabsd on

    Yes, he ate the treats. He might have been a little freaked out when Marty kept handling his left front paw to chop those nails…Marty’s left handed and was unable to do it. Rather than stress Star further, we stopped.

  3. Linda on

    Serenah and TJ (Star’s Mom and Dad) both love getting on the grooming table. I have to remember to take my table down after using it, as I am not sure it would hold three or four dogs all at one time and would hate to see a fight break out just because there wasn’t enough room on the table for all of them 🙂

    BTW, I always help mine off of the table as I don’t like them jumping down even onto carpeted flooring. But can they jump up, NO they don’t jump up, they fly up!

    One thing that might help Star while he was getting his nails done is for you and Marty to YAWN while doing his nails. Maybe even start yawning several minutes before getting up onto the table and doing nails. Both of you do lots and lots of BIG YAWNS, as yawns are viewed by dogs as a stress reliever. Over exaggerate your yawns! Dogs also use Yawning as a calming signal, so if you yawn maybe Star will pick up on your ‘signal’ and help calm him a little while he is getting nails done.

    Of course letting him get on the table for just a hug/petted and just get a treat without doing nails, so he doesn’t always associate getting on the table for the dreaded nail trimming, I am sure you thought of that.

    I hope you don’t mind me mentioning a couple others ideas? If he continues to be too nervous about his nails being done, maybe try Bach’s Rescue Remedy before hand as that helps some dogs during stressful events/situations. I have also used a product called Dogzymes Calm Paste and I have had good results with it. I purchase it from an online source called Nature’s Farmacy (they are a good company to do business with).

    I am so glad that you LOVE Star and everything is going fairly well, except for the eating of the furniture that is. I really like that you started this blog and are posting updates.

    Many hugs to you both for taking Star into your home and lives and for loving him.

    Richard, Linda & the Happy “Tails” Gang

    • realtabsd on

      You’re right, Linda, we’ll use the Yawn as calming signal. Great idea! I was just telling my friend about dogs and their calming signals. And we’ve had him on the table for just treats, too.

      (Lacey flies onto the grooming table effortlessly. Maybe one day Star will, too. He’s been jumping on our bed regularly w/o help.)

      Thank you for the advice! I’ll take all the advice I can get.

      BTW, he’s very used to his xpen (or bunker, as Natalie calls it!) now. He walks right in, gets a treat, very calmly. He doesn’t even whimper any more when we leave the room! We’re still coming home at lunch to let them out, but we no longer leave them loose while we’re gone. Not yet, anyway. Working up to it. No rush.

      And yes, Natalie had told us that he’s very attuned to dog and people signals and body language. Is he ever!

      Kristy Lantz Astry My blog: C) 303-349-5980

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