Lacey and Star playing redux

Again, last night, I witnessed Lacey and Star playing. She MUST initiate play, or it won’t happen. Lacey’s rules!! She play bows; he waits a bit, as if to say, For reals? Then he play bows. Then she spins and lets him try to pin her. Then she runs and he chases her.

She always ends up on top, she always wins, and they must stop playing when SHE says so. She’ll signal her I’m-done-now intention by doing a full body shake. Star then does a full body shake as if to say, Yes, we’re done.

Haven’t seen any play with toys yet. Hoping that’s coming soon.


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  1. Linda on

    This sounds wonderful, I am so glad not only for Star but for Lacey and you guys, too. Star’s Mom (Serenah) is excellent at using doggie body language, it is so much fun to watch her around dogs. Watching a dog’s body language is something in itself and I enjoy learning/studying about it.

    A dogs shaking is used as a transition behavior and I am assuming from what you have written that Lacey is using the full body shake as a transition behavior (from high energy/playing to calming down) and Star is reading her body language and cueing from it. I bet there are other very subtle body language clues, also. For me watching for these clues is fascinating, I only wish I was better at it!

    Star’s body shakes may also be because he is feeling just a little nervous or stressed from playing with Lacey and a full body shake is also a way dogs relief stress. Anyhow with Star doing a body shake after playing with Lacey – well to me this sounds like a very good thing and it is also very good that he is reading Lacey’s cues. The more you write about him and what is going on the more and more I see of his Mom and his Dad in him.

    Sounds like Lacey likes Star and knows he is there to stay and with her playing with him she is also setting her position in the pack hierarchy.


  2. realtabsd on

    Thank you Linda! Yes, I’m talking about the body language, the cues, the transition behavior. That’s exactly what’s going on.

    And you’re absolutely right about Star relieving stress w/his own full body shake. He IS very good at reading her.

    Yes, yes, yes!! So what, it took Lacey three weeks to realize he’s here for good. We still treat her as alpha – she gets fed first, she goes out first, she gets the first treat, etc.

    My heart is full 😉

  3. Dana on

    Very interesting (and exciting for Star and Lacey). Now I’ve got to watch my dogs more closely to see what Ari does to signal that she’s done playing with Bella.

  4. Natalie on

    Sounds like GREAT play. And yes, Star is very very good at reading body language. I told you that when you were first asking about him. Told you he would give to Lacey and let her decide. However, he is also very smart and I believe he will probably do things that will cause her to initiate play……yes, he is a sly one! haha

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