Star’s first full workday without his humans. Came home from work to find that he’d chewed a hole in an ottoman and took a nip or two out of one of the couch arms. OK, separation anxiety, we get it. Not even Lacey was enough to keep him company. Starting tomorrow – into a 48″ xpen, with a cover made of another xpen. Metal clips all around.  We’ll make sure it’s injury-proof. In fact, Marty’s banging on the xpen right now to simulate anxious-dog action.

In the xpen: Comfy bed and blankies – check. Nylabone – check. Bucket of water clipped to the side – check. Before I leave for work, I’ll smear peanut butter into his Kong, so that he’ll have something to do.


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  1. Natalie on

    oh. 😦 Sorry to hear this. Yes, he does have some separtion anxiety…..especially when his humans are soooooooo nice and fun! I am sure he will be fine in the bunker you are building. Hope all goes well!

  2. realtabsd on

    Update: It’s working out! Marty comes home at lunch and lets out the dogs. He throws a ball for Star in the backyard to burn off some energy. Works for all!

  3. Natalie on


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